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In Indiana, violent crimes can have serious consequences. When an individual is charged with a violent crime, the prosecution often has the discretion to seek extremely significant sentences. Conviction for a violent crime can also involve other consequences, such as the loss of an individual’s right to possess a firearm.

When the consequences of a conviction for violent crimes can be severe, let our lawyers at Harper and Harper, LLC, defend you against your charges. We have more than 100 years of combined experience in criminal defense cases and are proud to represent the Porter County community in their defense needs.

Typical Penalties For A Conviction

In Indiana, many violent crimes are felonies. The sentencing range for felony offenses in Indiana is below.

Level Felony Sentence Range Advisory Sentence Maximum Fine
Murder 45-65 years* 55 years $10,000
Level 1 Felony 20-40 years** 30 years $10,000
Level 2 Felony 10-30 years 17.5 years $10,000
Level 3 Felony 3-16 years 9 years $10,000
Level 4 Felony 2-12 years 6 years $10,000
Level 5 Felony 1-6 years 3 years $10,000
Level 6 Felony 6 months-2.5 years 1 year $10,000

*Under certain circumstances, life imprisonment without parole or the death penalty may be imposed for murder.

**Certain child molesting offenses have a maximum sentence of 50 years.

Protect Your Rights With A Committed Defense

Criminal charges are formally launched when the prosecutor files an “indictment” or “information” against a defendant. If you are charged with a violent crime or think you may be charged, a lawyer with experience handling violent crimes can help you understand and protect your legal rights.

We recognize the importance of spending time meeting with each client. We also understand the importance of investigating cases in order to develop the strongest possible defense. We have significant experience negotiating with prosecutors and taking serious criminal cases to trial, and can answer questions like:

Do I need an attorney to defend myself?

Hoping the truth will be enough to protect you in your case is a dangerous strategy that can often cost you more than you are willing to lose. As your legal representation, we can look for all opportunities to beat, dismiss or minimize your charges. Our experience can be the winning advantage in your pursuit of the optimal outcome in your case.

What mistakes can I avoid?

If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, avoid talking about them to anyone without your lawyer present. This includes posting about your case online or talking to the police about your case, even to just “answer some routine questions.”

Meet With Your Defense Team Today

At Harper and Harper, LLC, our attorneys are ready to meet with you to discuss a criminal case. If you are charged with a violent offense or believe you may be charged with a violent offense, contact our office at 219-733-8837 or by emailing us here for a free initial consultation.