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Child Molesting

At Harper and Harper, LLC, our lawyers have represented many individuals accused of sexual crimes, including child molestation.

Often, we are called on to represent individuals before they are even charged as many times a person is aware that an accusation has been made against them and that the authorities are investigating. They may have even been contacted by the child’s family, child welfare agencies or the police.

We then sit down with the potential client to review the facts of the case and discuss the applicable Indiana law. We further discuss with the client the best course of action.

Many times, we also contact the police agencies involved, the child welfare agencies involved and the prosecuting attorney to make them aware that we are involved and to ask if they will keep us informed on how the investigation is progressing.

Such contact will usually result in our team at Harper and Harper, LLC, being kept informed of how the investigation is going and what, if any, decisions have been made.

Also as part of our representation, our attorneys will discuss with the client how the process will proceed if, in fact, the state decides to file charges.

Every year, thousands of people in this country are accused of child molestation or some sort of improper sexual activity with a child. Such an accusation is one of the scariest situations an accused person can find themselves in.

Studies have shown that a certain percentage of these accusations are false or are based on a misunderstanding over a child’s description of a situation (or an adult’s misunderstanding of what the child is saying).

The biggest mistake made by people accused of child molestation is giving into the desire to talk about the allegation to convince someone that such a crime did not happen in the hope that no charges will be filed.

This seldom works. Moreover, anything an accused says, in such an attempt to convince another of their innocence, can, and often will, be used against them.

Another common mistake is to assume that because the only evidence the state appears to have is only the alleged victim’s testimony, the state will not file charges. Unfortunately, this is not true; in Indiana, the state only needs the statement of the child to go to trial. There is no requirement that the state present any other type of evidence to substantiate whether the alleged act happened or not. Simply the testimony of the child is enough.

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