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Protecting Your Future From Theft Charges

Being accused of stealing damages your reputation and can cost you considerable time behind bars and heavy fines. If you are facing theft accusations, you must be sure you are doing everything you can to defend yourself instead of hoping for a slap on the wrist.

At Harper and Harper, LLC, our attorneys can help you fight the allegations against you by pursuing defense strategies such as case dismissal, beating the charges in court or minimizing the charges/sentencing. Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience representing clients throughout northwest Indiana, and you can be the next client who benefits from our extensive experience.

What A Conviction Can Mean For You

Many people are surprised to learn the potential consequences of a conviction in Indiana for the theft charges they are facing. The specific penalties depend on whether you are facing petty theft (of property less than about $500) or grand theft charges, and if the grand theft charges are considered a felony.

Minimal charges for theft can result in penalties of $5,000 in fines and up to a year in jail, and felony violations can have thousands of dollars in fines and as much as six years in prison. Depending on the value of stolen assets, your charges and penalties will be more severe.

Our job as your legal representation is to steer your defense case toward the outcome you deserve and, ideally, minimize or eliminate the charges and consequences that are present in your situation. We pursue this goal by building defense strategies like mistake of fact, claim or ownership, or intoxication.

Our Team Is Here For You

Instead of making the mistake of representing yourself in your defense case, leave your defense needs to us. We serve clients in Porter County and all of northwestern Indiana, so call our Valparaiso office at 219-733-8837 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.