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Criminal records can have lasting consequences, affecting employment prospects, housing opportunities and even personal relationships. Expungement is a legal process that allows individuals to clear their criminal records, providing them with an opportunity for a fresh start.

Hiring an experienced attorney can significantly enhance the likelihood of a successful expungement. Since 1983, our team of attorneys has been helping people resolve serious legal problems. Let our criminal defense lawyers, with more than 100 years of combined experience, make a difference in your life.

Seal Your Criminal Record And Get A Fresh Start On Life

Even if you were ultimately never charged, the charges were dismissed, or you were finally acquitted at trial, an arrest record can still be embarrassing and difficult to explain. It only makes sense to seal that record so that you can put that experience firmly behind you.

Certain misdemeanor and felony convictions may also be eligible for expungement, with varying waiting periods based on the severity of the offense. This includes some Class D and Level 6 felonies for non-violent offenders, including when there are other criminal convictions on your record. The rules are complicated, but our attorneys can help you understand your eligibility for post-conviction relief.

Why You Need An Attorney At Every Step Of The Expunction Process

When you are eligible for expungement, the path forward is not straightforward. Your application can be denied unless you follow the procedures exactly and present a compelling case to the court.

Once your eligibility to expunge your criminal record is established, one of our attorneys will:

  • Gather all the records you need, such as court documents, to draft your expungement petition and make certain it has all the information the court needs to grant its approval.
  • Prepare the correct forms for your petition for expungement and file the forms with the appropriate court in a timely fashion.

In short, our attorneys will do everything possible to clear your record, and we will keep you informed of your options at every stage.

Call Lawyers Who Will Give Your Case The Respect It Deserves

Being haunted by a criminal record when you were wrongfully charged or after you have served your sentence is unfair. It feels like a punishment on top of the punishment you already received. If you are tired of making explanations and facing the prejudices that go along with having a criminal record, expungement can help.

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