HARPER & HARPER ATTORNEYS https://www.harperattorneys.com en-us Porter County murder case dismissed; new prosecutor said the innocent will no longer be charged https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/InnocentNoLongerWillBeCharged VALPARAISO — Announcing his office will no longer prosecute the innocent, new Porter County Prosecutor Gary Germann moved Friday to dismiss the murder and arson case against an Ogden Dunes man accused of burning his mother at their home. https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/InnocentNoLongerWillBeCharged Murder, arson charges dropped against man accused in mother's death in Ogden Dunes https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/MurderArsonChargesDropped Frederick Fegely, charged with murder and felony arson in an Ogden Dunes fire that took the life of his mother in 2015, prepared for life as a free man Friday after the charges against him were dismissed because the science behind the case didn’t add up. https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/MurderArsonChargesDropped Appellate court tosses out confession in Chesterton murder case https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Appellate-court-tosses-out-confession-in-Chesterto VALPARAISO — The Indiana Appellate Court has tossed out a Hobart man's confession to murdering a Portage woman outside a Chesterton bar last year, saying that police ignored the man's repeated requests for an attorney. https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Appellate-court-tosses-out-confession-in-Chesterto Charge will be scratched in Valpo manicure case if customer stays out of trouble for 6 months https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Charge-will-be-scratched-in-Valpo-manicure-case-if VALPARAISO — The Valparaiso woman who attracted national attention after allegedly walking out of a nail salon without paying and then attempting to drive away with an employee clinging to her BMW will have her criminal charge dropped if she remains out of trouble for six months, her attorney said. https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Charge-will-be-scratched-in-Valpo-manicure-case-if Manicure Mayhem: Salon Employee Jumped on Customer's Car as She Drove Away https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Manicure-Mayhem-Salon-Employee-Jumped-on-Customers It was manicure mayhem Saturday as an unsatisfied customer drove off with a nail salon employee on the hood of her car in Valparaiso... https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Manicure-Mayhem-Salon-Employee-Jumped-on-Customers State appellate court agrees to consider throwing out confession in Chesterton murder case https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/State-appellate-court-agrees-to-consider-throwing- VALPARAISO — The Indiana Appellate Court has agreed to hear a request to toss out the entire police interview with a Hobart man accused of murdering a Portage woman outside the Chesterton bar where they worked. The decision is important to the defense because during... https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/State-appellate-court-agrees-to-consider-throwing- Porter County attorney Jim Harper seeking Democratic nomination for secretary of state https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Porter-County-attorney-Jim-Harper-seeking-Democrat Porter County-based attorney Jim Harper is seeking the Democratic nomination for Indiana Secretary of State. “It is time for a new generation of leadership in state government,” he said in a prepared release. “All too often, our state government has... https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Porter-County-attorney-Jim-Harper-seeking-Democrat Soy wax defense works for two charged in Chesterton drug case https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Soy-wax-defense-works-for-two-charged-in-Chesterto VALPARAISO — Two of the four people who claimed they had soy wax in their car during a traffic stop and not methamphetamine as charged pleaded guilty Friday to a lesser count and were sentenced to time served. Jessica Jones, 25, and Michael Mavrides, 31, pleaded... https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Soy-wax-defense-works-for-two-charged-in-Chesterto Another attempt made to toss police interrogation in Chesterton murder case https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Another-attempt-made-to-toss-police-interrogation- VALPARAISO — When a local judge threw out the bulk of a police interrogation in a Chesterton murder case earlier this month, he did not go far enough, according to a motion filed Thursday. The accused, Christopher Dillard, is asking the same local court to allow the... https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Another-attempt-made-to-toss-police-interrogation- Ogden Dunes man charged with burning his mother alive granted a three-month trial delay https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Ogden-Dunes-man-charged-with-burning-his-mother-al VALPARAISO — A three-month delay has been granted in the trial for an Ogden Dunes man charged with murdering his elderly mother by burning her alive at their home. Frederick Fegely will face a jury April 16 and prosecutors believe the trial will take a couple of... https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Ogden-Dunes-man-charged-with-burning-his-mother-al