HARPER & HARPER ATTORNEYS https://www.harperattorneys.com en-us What to do When in a Car Accident https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/What-to-do-When-in-a-Car-Accident The squealing tires and crushing glass…have you ever been in an accident? Chances are, you have been involved in a car accident or know someone that has. Every year, there are 6 million car accidents in the United States. Sadly, 3 million people are injured in car accidents, (driverknowledge.com). https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/What-to-do-When-in-a-Car-Accident What to Do (And Not Do) When Pulled Over https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/What-to-Do-And-Not-Do-When-Pulled-Over In your rearview mirror, you see a splash of red and blue lights. You were driving to work and you didn’t notice how fast you were going. You also have an out taillight. Now, the nerves set in and you wonder what to do. https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/What-to-Do-And-Not-Do-When-Pulled-Over Indiana DUI Checkpoints Explained https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Indiana-DUI-Checkpoints-Explained With the upcoming holidays, you might have some questions about sobriety checkpoints, also known as DUI checkpoints or roadblocks. There is a lot of misinformation about these common traffic stops. Some incorrect information is that you do not have to comply, they are illegal, and you do not have to roll down your window. This is incorrect. It’s important to arm yourself with facts in case you find yourself at a DUI Checkpoint. https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Indiana-DUI-Checkpoints-Explained What to Do if a Dog Bites You https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/WhattoDoifaDogBitesYou Did a dog bite you, a loved one, or your pet? Depending on the location of the wound and the particular canine, it could be serious. The first thing to do is to treat the wound. Dogs’ mouths are full of bacteria. https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/WhattoDoifaDogBitesYou What to Do If You Think You Are a Victim of Medical Malpractice https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/WhattoDoIfYouThinkYouAreaVictimofMedica Something went terribly wrong. You believe someone you trusted with your health has made a mistake. What do you do? Start by finding a different doctor and make your health a priority. Medical malpractice is serious, and should be addressed right away. https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/WhattoDoIfYouThinkYouAreaVictimofMedica What Should you Do if you Receive an OWI https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/What-Should-you-Do-if-you-Receive-an-OWI Mistakes like OWI’s can happen to the best of us. What matters most is how you move forward. There are things to keep in mind to minimize the impact of an OWI on your life. https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/What-Should-you-Do-if-you-Receive-an-OWI Porter County murder case dismissed; new prosecutor said the innocent will no longer be charged https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/InnocentNoLongerWillBeCharged VALPARAISO — Announcing his office will no longer prosecute the innocent, new Porter County Prosecutor Gary Germann moved Friday to dismiss the murder and arson case against an Ogden Dunes man accused of burning his mother at their home. https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/InnocentNoLongerWillBeCharged Murder, arson charges dropped against man accused in mother's death in Ogden Dunes https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/MurderArsonChargesDropped Frederick Fegely, charged with murder and felony arson in an Ogden Dunes fire that took the life of his mother in 2015, prepared for life as a free man Friday after the charges against him were dismissed because the science behind the case didn’t add up. https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/MurderArsonChargesDropped Appellate court tosses out confession in Chesterton murder case https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Appellate-court-tosses-out-confession-in-Chesterto VALPARAISO — The Indiana Appellate Court has tossed out a Hobart man's confession to murdering a Portage woman outside a Chesterton bar last year, saying that police ignored the man's repeated requests for an attorney. https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Appellate-court-tosses-out-confession-in-Chesterto Charge will be scratched in Valpo manicure case if customer stays out of trouble for 6 months https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Charge-will-be-scratched-in-Valpo-manicure-case-if VALPARAISO — The Valparaiso woman who attracted national attention after allegedly walking out of a nail salon without paying and then attempting to drive away with an employee clinging to her BMW will have her criminal charge dropped if she remains out of trouble for six months, her attorney said. https://www.harperattorneys.com/Blog/Details/Charge-will-be-scratched-in-Valpo-manicure-case-if