What to Do (And Not Do) When Pulled Over

by Harold Harper | 12/23/2019 | What to Do (And Not Do) When Pulled Over

In your rearview mirror, you see a splash of red and blue lights. You were driving to work and you didn’t notice how fast you were going. You also have an out taillight. Now, the nerves set in and you wonder what to do.

It’s a good question: What do you actually do when you are pulled over?

They don’t always review this topic in Drivers Ed and sometimes well-meaning friends spread misinformation. It is important to know what to expect. Although traffic stops are never fun, being prepared with information can help make the experience less stressful.


You have rights. You cannot be arrested for a bad attitude, filming a traffic stop with your phone, and you do not have to consent to a field sobriety test. However, it is best to comply and be respectful during a traffic stop. Remember, that the officer is human.

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