What Should you Do if you Receive an OWI

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What Should you Do if you Receive an OWI

Mistakes like OWI’s can happen to the best of us. What matters most is how you move forward. There are things to keep in mind to minimize the impact of an OWI on your life.

  • Call Harper and Harper:The first thing to do is call your attorneys. You need an expert on your side to help explain the process and keep your best interest. An OWI is a serious offence, and may impact your career or custody arrangements. With more than 35 years of experience in civil & criminal law, Harper and Harper provides experienced representation.
  • Show Up:Keep all your court dates organized on your calendar, and set alarms if you need a reminder. You will lose your license, so it is important to find someone to help you with transportation. Comply with everything the court asks to avoid any other penalties and fines.
  • Get Help:An OWI, whether it be from alcohol or drug consumption, is a sign of addiction. To help avoid future arrests and improve your health, seek help from a medical professional. It also looks good to the court that you are taking your OWI seriously and seeking help.

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