Attorney says incriminating statements should be tossed out in Chesterton murder

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Attorney says incriminating statements should be tossed out in Chesterton murder

VALPARAISO — Two hours after Chesterton police began questioning Hobart resident Christopher Dillard about his suspected involvement in the murder of a co-worker, Dillard made his first request for legal counsel. “I want to just do this lawyer thing,” according to a transcript of the questioning that was filed Monday as part of a motion to suppress all comments made from that point forward by Dillard. Chesterton Police Chief David Cincoski asked, “Why is that?” “Because I’m done talking now,” Dillard responded, according to the motion. Cincoski continued with the questioning and asked a short time later, “Do you want to talk to a lawyer, Chris?” according to the motion filed by defense attorney Bob Harper. “Yes,” Dillard responded. “Do you want to talk to a lawyer?” Cincoski reportedly asked again. “Yeah,” Dillard said.

Several hours after that initial request for counsel, Dillard stated, “Get me a lawyer.” Cincoski reportedly responded, “Too many lies. I’ve caught you in way too many lies.” “You can’t talk,” Dillard said. “I just asked for a lawyer.” Five minutes later, Dillard made yet another request for an attorney, according to the motion. Harper is arguing that police violated Dillard’s federal and state constitutional rights by continuing to interrogate him after he requested a lawyer. He is asking the court to toss out all statements made by Dillard following his request for an attorney, as well all subsequent statements Dillard made to his girlfriend in the recorded police interview room. A hearing on the request is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Sept. 1 before Porter Superior Court Judge Bill Alexa. Dillard, 51, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Portage resident Nicole Gland, 24, on April 19 in her vehicle in a parking area behind the Upper Deck Lounge, 139 S. Calumet Road. Dillard allegedly told his longtime girlfriend in a recorded interview room at the Chesterton Police Department, “I killed that girl. I didn’t mean to.” “He indicated to her that the drugs had a hold of him,” police said.

Dillard told police he had been “partying rough” for a couple of days. He told police he had gone to the Upper Deck Lounge, where he worked as a bouncer, at 11:30 p.m. April 18 to deliver cocaine and marijuana to Gland. He said he placed it in her vehicle after getting her vehicle key and left the bar. The motion to suppress delayed the trial from Aug. 28 to Dec. 11, with a preliminary hearing Oct. 27. Alexa set aside two weeks for the trial. Dillard was picked up by police after his girlfriend tipped off the officers that he had taken her vehicle a couple of days before the killing, police said. She also reported a knife was missing from her butcher block. At one point during the police interview, Dillard said he wanted to confess to them, but ultimately changed his mind, police said.

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